Monday, November 9, 2009

Book Box Winners

My book shipment has arrived in Ohio !! I should receive my copies by the end of the week (with any luck) and will be starting the shipping early next week. I'll be contacting all of my pre-ordered customers this week with shipping prices and details.
I've just randomly selected the three winners of the custom book boxes- thanks again to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy.

The three winners are:

Kevin Kauffunger from Pittsburgh, PA.

Martin LaRoche from Gatineau, Quebec

and finally Eric Schenck from Rochester, NY.

Congratulations guys and thanks again everyone!!
Now I better get going and make those boxes...


  1. Hi Tom-

    Is there a link from your website I should visit to pay shipping for the boo? I don't think I remember your merchant ID. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the book.

  2. Book shipping can be paid at

    and my merchant ID should be

    thanks again....

  3. Hi Tom,

    The book looks great!! I would like to order one but don't see a handy link to order. Would you mind giving us the skinny once again on the ordering process?

    Sorry, I know that you have covered it already, but I didn't see the info right off the bat.


    Randy J. Arnold

  4. Hi Randy,

    You can order it at