Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last Chance to Pre-Order

I can't believe tomorrow is the 6th of November already. The main shipment of books should be in Ohio and I'll be receiving my copies asap! I'll be signing them and sending them off in the next two weeks. If you'd still like to pre-order your own signed copy, today and tomorrow is the cut off. You'll still be able to order a signed copy after it's in stores but shipping will unfortunately be more expensive. I've managed to get the shipping costs down to about a third of what it would be if I shipped them all from here in Toronto- this lower shipping rate will be my own time of packaging the books up and driving to the USA ! Again I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has already placed an order and I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback from you. The new site is still far from complete but should be feeling a little better in another week or two. I'll keep you posted on the details and will also be announcing the winners of the 'Book Boxes'

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Around the Woodshop

After the Witching Hour

Well another October came and went without so much as a pandemic -my kids and I lurked about seven blocks on Halloween before they started to burn out. Three steps away from a flu bug we called it a night. A crisp Autumn wind was blowing and the leaves seemed to keep time as they danced around our feet.
The wood shop feels like an empty canvass without the mass of the Oak Door present. I've started drawing up some plans for my next project. A Dedicated Sharpening Bench.
The vintage, 'chic-ness' of the side table I grabbed off the street last year on 'yard waste removal day' has finally outstayed it's welcome. I was happy to have it visit these past 14 months or so but it's time for something a little more permanent. I'll let you know when I get started on it- the project is being 'sponsored' by Fine So it'll be featured over there if you're interested.
Speaking of sites my new site is coming along- I'll keep you posted when it's done...the blog area is up although the comments aren't yet working...another week and things should be all up and running.
Stay tuned...