Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Speaking of Sketching

Last week I noticed on Joel Moskowitz’s Blog over at the Tools for Working Wood website he had a pdf. for Isometric Drafting Paper available for free download. I meant to mention it when I saw it but totally forgot until today when he blogged about it again. Isometric drafting paper is a great tool when sketching out forms and you want to give 3D perspective to your drawings. I downloaded the file last week and will print it off as needed.
I won’t bother rewriting what Joel already said on the benefits of sketching and isometric paper but encourage you to go over and read all about it for yourself. While there make sure to check out the new 2011 mini catalog and Work Magazine. It’s a beautiful, 16 page, hand drawn catalog that looks like something out of a museum book store. Just in time for the Holiday Season of gift giving eh? Nostalgic to say the least, I’m such a sucker for this stuff. Hand drawn and well written, go see for yourself. (and make sure you defrost the credit card before hand)  Cheers!