Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Digs

Movin' to the City...

Do you remember the story about the city mouse and the country mouse? Seems these days I'm feeling like one of their offspring. So here it is, my new shop; my new 'hand tool shop' to be specific. It's a small space in the 11' by 11' range, in the basement of my new home here in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I with our two young children have relocated to the largest city in Canada. Why? Well, why not? That's not the point here anyway. What is the point is that my old, Cape Breton shop, with it's ample space, sun drenched bench room, machine room and loads of wood rack space is 3000 kilometers away and I'm here with this dark, slightly damp, a little better than 100 square foot shop space to call my own. Sounds like a nightmare, no? No. Change is good. Change is healthy. This small space, smack dab in the heart of the city, with it's urban decay lingering just outside my door; will be a place to create. A space to design and delight, to sharpen and saw. My workbench, most importantly made the great trek. My tool chest, full of my most prized possessions came too. All is well in a world of un-predictable circumstances. My future here in the city is unsure but my work shop is getting ready for a marathon of activity. As well as my workbench and tool cabinet I have my slow speed, wet grinder, my saw bench and my array of clamps. Some glue and some oil, a sharpening station ready to fly. I also have just outside of this photo's gaze is about 1000 board feet of lumber, rough milled and dimensioned, all waiting to be hand planed and joints cut, assembled into some new shape and design. Cherry, Ash, Walnut and Maple; Angelique, Poplar, Butternut and Birch. All of these species like my extended family making the plunge into this grey and unclear area of our life. I've been designing new pieces that will become a reality here in this small space. Side tables and book shelves, showcase cabinets and side boards. All to be transformed into tangible objects, ready for a new home somewhere in the not so distant future. My new digs....Welcome, watch and wait.