Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Toolchest from Estonia

I received a letter from Tõnis Arjus in Estonia this past week and included were these great shots of his new tool chest.
I absolutely love what Tõnis did with the design. It looks like he took some of the aesthetic elements of my Cabinetmakers Toolchest and mixed it with the size and storage options of my widow maker with drawers, tills and a deep lid to house some hand saws. Excellent work Tõnis and thanks for sharing.
Here are some of his comments:
Hi Tom,
I’m writing from far away Estonia and sending your way some pictures of my version of a toolbox. I was inspired by your design but reconstructed it to satisfy my needs… I added a drawer, two tills hanging above my planes and also a deep enough cover to place some saws. I still have some details to make, like the saw and chisel holders… I used American oak and local birch. I really like how similar in color the birch’s end grain and oak are. The finish is teak oil and wax, giving it an extra silky touch.

I started woodworking in January, setting up an extra space I found in the basement of our apartment building.
The goal has also been to use hand tools only, mostly because I needed some analogue, smaller scale work to be done, to balance my everyday job as an architect….Y
ou can see my first two tables along with my latest architecture stuff here on my blog:
Cheers and thanks,
Tõnis Arjus