Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Cabinet

And a new online Woodworking Magazine

Last week I finished off my new sharpening bench and I'm quite happy with the results. Before the oil had a chance to dry I was into another project, this time a small wall cabinet for a Christmas gift. I used up the last of my oak offcuts and also incorporated some walnut and Japanese hand made paper into the piece. I started the project on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 20th and got through it in time for the gift exchange! Who said hand tool work was slow? It's kind of a reflection or continuation in design from the book cabinet with doors project from my book and has two small dovetailed drawers inside.

To speed up the project I used hardwood dowels for joinery instead of more elaborate and time consuming joinery such as dovetails; nothing fancy but it turned out to be a nice little gift. I took lots of pics through the build and will write a full article about the entire process, from the design to the finish. It'll be featured on a new wood working website that is slated to start up sometime in the early new year. It's an international woodworking magazine and will feature different wood workers from all over the world. The Woodworkers Republic is coming soon!!!
Stay tuned and have a healthy and Happy New Year.