Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Album Artwork- a boy called fish

'to the ocean' an original piece by cristina venedict

Well here it is- my new album cover. I really wanted to keep this 'in the bag' until the album was ready but made the mistake of using it as my profile picture on Facebook this morning-!! People are already commenting on it so I thought I should let everyone know where it came from.

It's an original piece by Cristina Venedict, an amazing artist in Botosani, Romania. A few months ago I stumbled on her work and eventually contacted her about using this piece titled- 'to the ocean' as my album artwork. She checked out my work and after some corresponding agreed to let me use it for the album cover. (thanks again Cristina!)
Click the link above to visit her website. I think her work is some of the most original I've seen in years. A true talent. She sells all of her pieces and ships world wide. Cheers!