Monday, May 30, 2011


New Precision Square from Veritas
Do you keep a 6″ inch metal rule close at hand while in the wood shop?
I do, every minute.
There’s one in my tool tray, one in my apron pocket, another one over on the sharpening bench for the Charlesworth ‘Ruler Trick’.  Point is I have more than one and I keep them handy for all sorts of quick little measurements and the like.
This week I started using the new Veritas Precision Square and I think it’s my new favorite steel rule. ( er, square..)
It is milled with the same accuracy of an engineers square (0.001″ per inch of length).
All four edges are ground, and both faces are graduated on the inside and outside edges. The Imperial version which is the one I have is graduated in 32nds on the 3″ leg and in 16ths on the 6″ leg.
It’s convenient to keep close at hand and would imagine it convenient for setting up or adjusting power tools.
If a small steel rule was on your list of things to get then you may want to consider this one as well.
Available from Lee Valley Tools for $24.50.