Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boxes for shipping and shipping and shipping...

I was hoping to have the books out by now but a quick call placed to Popular Woodworking Books yesterday confirmed my shipment was sent last week so I'm expecting them today or tomorrow. I appreciate every ones patience with this. It's funny when I read about people on other wood working sites making comments on it after already receiving it. If you pre-ordered it from Pop. Wood and live within the continental USA then you've probably already leafed through it by now-I hope you enjoy it and welcome your comments.
For everyone else who pre-ordered here from me, you should be seeing your signed copies in the next little while. Just a reminder for anyone that hasn't yet sent in their shipping funds for your pre-ordered copy- the sooner I get it the sooner you'll get it!
Besides this endless sea of address confirmation and Paypal buttons I've been busy like a bee on the book boxes and making my final cut lists for the sharpening bench I'm building. I also have two potential commissions and five more articles to write...maybe I should start getting up at 4am. instead of 5!
With that, thanks again for your understanding and patience with the shipping, I hope it'll be worth the wait. If I had a few people here working with me on it I'm sure the turn around times would be faster but hey, that's life in a one-man wood working shop, you get to wear a lot of hats from the design table to the marketing board, the sales desk to the pricing....not to mention the actual techniques and bench time and then back again on-line answering emails and trying to spread the word....working wood- you've gotta love it !


  1. Sounds to me like your livin' the dream -- Good on ya!

    Next projects, more QSWO or something more tool friendly?


  2. thanks for the comments Chris-
    next projects are usually the off cuts from previous projects and that holds true these days around here- the top of the sharpening bench is what? you guessed it- QSWO (quarter sawn white oak)
    the little boxes I'm making are some of my sweetest off cuts I've been carrying around for the past 7 years...little ends left over through the years....some birds eye and spalted maple from cape breton and some nice quartered black cherry...a little straight grained cherry as well...
    also making an x-mas gift for a previous client out of the white oak and walnut offcuts from her two past commissions...gee, I hope she doesn't read this !

  3. Tom, coming to the Ottawa Wood Show (Nov. 27-29) to flog your new book?

  4. I'd love to Chris but it would first involve me hiring some androids to do the long list of things I need to get done over the next two months!
    thanks for the comments-