Friday, October 9, 2009

Tools for...

Working Wood

Last Sunday I was all set to cut out the scroll detail on the heritage door project so I went down into my shop, took out my bow saw and because I'm sawing a piece of 3/4" white oak needed to change out the fine tooth blade for my coarse one. The saw, made by Gramercy Tools in New York, came with an assortment of three 12" long blades: 10, 18, and 24tpi. I needed the 10 tpi for this application. So away I go into the 'ol tool cabinet to fetch it. Hmmmm, not in there; maybe the tool chest- nope. My other tool box? Notta. Then it hit me as if recalling a distant dream I suddenly remembered the last time I used my coarse blade, way back before the summer came,(so long ago)I was cutting out a sharp curve in some crazy hard maple and I snapped it! Well it quickly became obvious that I needed to order some new blades and did so on Monday. I figured it really wouldn't matter or set me back any time on the project because I still had lots of fine tuning and sanding to do on the door details. I'd move on to the next step and leave the scroll element for next week when the door is complete.
So that was Monday evening and I ordered the new saw blades, (got the three pack for $11.00...a sweet deal) so here I am going through some of the other door elements when today, Friday the door bell rings and it's a delivery man with the blades!
Man, that was fast. I've gotten so used to waiting weeks or sometimes months for something to arrive when I order it on-line.
Four days, that was all...that's good service. And the best thing? The courier just handed me the package! I also got pretty used to ordering something from the States and when it shows up on my doorstep I need to dish out some more coin for either the delivery, the customs charges, the delivery guys dying mother...what point to all this: Tools for Working Wood is a fast, reliable mail order company that has never let me down and stands by it's products. Always top notch service which sadly, is seriously lacking in most of my other dealings in this world.
So if you're an on-line shopper like me and would like to get some great service too, then Tools for Working Wood is somewhere you should try.


  1. Hi Tom,

    I've had the pleasure to buy a few tools from Tools for Working Wood and I was also very impressed by how fast things arrived.

    Living in Portugal usually means waiting two or three weeks to get a package from the US but on both occasions I bought from them they turned up in my mail in a week!

    Keep up with the great work on the door project. It's looking really great!

    Take care,

  2. I agree that Tools for Working Wood is quick. I'd add that they also sell nothing but first-class products and don't charge an arm and a leg to ship to Canada.

    Cheers --- Larry

  3. I'd agree with Tom's comment about Tools for Working Wood. I recently had a problem with something I bought from them (it was missing a part) and they went out of their way to rectify the problem.

  4. Hi Tom,
    I love your blog. Thanks for the effort.

    Living in NYC, I have been to TFWW several times. They are just as reliable and pleasant in person. I find myself buying things there even if I can find a "bottom dollar" price on the web.

    Harlan Barnhart

  5. Thanks for the comments-

    it's nice to hear more great feedback about TFWW. Hey Harlan,
    next time I'm in NYC I'll look you up...maybe we can do some tool shopping!

  6. Hi Tom,
    Why not? Sounds like fun! Your door is looking more stunning with every post. Originally I thought it must be a rather modern design, that would be nice too, but I really like the trim details. My doors are rather simple by contrast. I am still planning to post some pictures but I need to borrow a digital camera as mine quit.
    (718) 261 9158