Monday, October 5, 2009



This past week a fellow East Coaster has been putting together some Sketch-Up models for the book projects. They'll all be available at my new website when the book is launched in November but I thought I'd show you some shots of the first project model here. It's the Cabinetsmakers Toolchest.
These are only 'stills' from the program but when you actually open the files in Sketch-up, you'll be able to zoom into the pieces, rotate them and flip them over, change your perspective on each 'scene' as well as 'orbiting' all around them to get a closer look. A really cool educational tool, they also have all of the dimensions and measurements for you.

If you don't know Sketch-up it's a free application from Google. Click the link to download! You'll be able to look inside the pieces, see the joinery up close and really get personal with the designs. It should also answer any joinery questions when the time comes for you to build these pieces in your own wood shops.
A great tool, it seems that every time he sends me a new model I can't help to think: "Man, I wish I had this while I was building them!"
I'm really looking forward to November...


(and thanks again Daniel)

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