Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Made by Hand

My Advance copy has Arrived!

I picked up my advance copy of Made by Hand last night and feel a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. This past year of writing and building, editing and writing some more now finally seems complete and I couldn't be happier with the results! Staring at a computer monitor is really like night and day when I compare it to the pages within the book. Crisp and clean everything just looks better- cleaner and larger.
I read through about half of the book last night and will finish going through today, everything looks really, really good. I'm anxious to get the full shipment in November and send them out to you guys who've been so supportive by pre-ordering your copies. I think you'll be pleased with the work.
Been finishing up the door project and will post the final later this week...with that, I'm going to go leaf through the pages some more.


  1. Hey Tom,

    It looks promising, but why is the photo out of focus?

    I mean, the handle of the cabinet is focused and the book itself, which is what's been discussed is out of focus and doesn't make justice to all the hard work you put into it.

    What finish are you using for the door project? Being an outdoor piece that will be subject to the environment: sun, rain, snow, ...

    Take care,

  2. I mean...

    the handle of the cabinet is focused and the book itself isn't

  3. thanks for the notice Luis,
    I suppose I was just too friggin' excited about finally getting the copy and my hand was shaking?
    maybe that or it's too much caffeine in my diet!
    I'll try to replace with one a little more crisp!
    As for the door, I'm using a new water based product from General...the Exterior 450 Polyurethane. Here's what Lee Valley says about it:
    'These water-based finishes are low in VOC (volatile organic compounds), so they pose less risk to health and make for easier clean-up and disposal...For exterior applications, the Exterior 450 Polyurethane produces a tough, water-resistant finish that is flexible enough to endure wood movement from changes in temperature and humidity. It contains a mildewcide to inhibit mold and mildew growth. Unlike oil-based finishes, these varnishes deepen the tone without imparting an amber color to light surfaces.

    They contain UV absorbers to prevent the cured film from breaking down in sunlight and to protect underlying stains from fading.'
    thanks for the comments...

  4. Everytime I see a bit more of your book I get even more excited about receiving my copy. You say you read half the book last night. Just between you and me, does the guy know what he's talking about (grin)?

    Cheers --- Larry

  5. hee, hee...
    for the most part- yeah I think so...that said he seems to sometimes wander off a little bit about trees, and wood grain and the smell of fresh shavings...etc.. :)

  6. Okay, I'm already hooked, so to speak, must you keep playing out the line?

    Looking forward to receiving my copy and appreciate the updates even if it does build the anticipation!

    Best regards,

  7. Like others, I'm happy you are excited and happy of the result!
    Hoppe as a Canadian that I have first ship;)
    The Door, Can't wait to see it!
    Thank you

  8. I'm looking forward to your book, not for the hand tool techniques, but because I love your design style. It's like you went inside my head and designed the projects with my taste in mind. Freaky.

  9. Hi Tom
    I am just joining your site via PW. If there was ever a sequel to "Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance" it would be your book. I just ordered it from your site and cancelled the order at another site as I appreciate what your are doing and most importantly sharing.


  10. Thanks for all of the comments everyone. 'Zen in the Unplugged Woodshop'- maybe the next one? :)

  11. Congratulations, Tom! Looking forward to it.