Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pushing Ink...

New Woodworking Book

I've been writing my Blog here since late February and can say I truly love to write almost as much as I enjoy wood working. Great.
Well it seems my key-board tap-tap-tapping is finally paying off...
I've just signed a contract with Popular Woodworking Books to write a full length book on building furniture using hand tools!
It will feature six new designs I'm working on, from a small side table to a full sideboard. All will feature different design elements complimenting hand cut joinery for hand tool users. Frame and Panel, Mortise and Tenon as well as dovetailing and other hand tool skills will be addressed.
My manuscript will be complete in the early new year with a release date just in time for the following Christmas.
If you enjoy my blogs here, it'll be this times a thousand...Stay tuned for more...


  1. Congradulations Tom! Your book will be a welcome addition to the library. Perhaps you will keep us posted on how it is coming along during the writing process?


  2. Congratulations. I really ds enjoy your blog. Thanks for the many times you have inspired me to slow down or try a new aproach to something. Keep up the good work. Will be watching for the book. John

  3. Congratulations. I look forward to your book. I hope you will write here something about the process of how you got to this stage (e.g., did you solicit them, did they approach you, how did you decide on the various pieces, etc.) and I also hope that you will make entries here about the writing of the book, constructing the projects, et al.


    Phil Lang

  4. Phil,
    I'll try to keep you up to date on the process as it goes; to answer a couple of your questions...they actually approached me (imagine that!) and the pieces are all new designs I've been working on...from a simple tool box to more complex pieces displaying various contruction methods all hand tool orientated. A side table, a chest of drawers with legs, a wall hung cabinet, sideboard and a few surprises. I wanted a nice range of projects and I think they'll all compliment each other quite well. The book will also address hand tool techniques as well as dealing with a hand tool wood shop,construction aids and jigs and give the reader a sense of the why's and how's of working wood using hand least that's the idea!! :)
    Thanks for the comment and keep watching.

  5. Tom,

    Your love of writing shows almost as much as your love of woodworking.

    Something tells me you could easily do the photography for the photo plates and cover images, as well!

    As Gary said, it would be a great addition to any serious woodworking library.

    You are going to offer signed copies, right?


  6. For sure Ethan, and thanks for the comments.