Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanks to OBG

Old Brown Glue

I started using Old Brown Glue a couple of months ago. Why?
I suppose initially I wanted it to be an introduction of sorts into the world of Hide Glue without having the start up cost of purchasing a glue pot. I like the idea of reversible joinery and a glue that doesn’t mess up finishing. Here in my shop I like to keep the finishing process as simple as possible.
Well it didn’t take too long before the Old Brown Glue paid off and that happened this morning. Yesterday, I glued up the legs and cross members of another new saw bench I’m building. Somehow I mixed up the legs and this morning, when I went to attach the top boards to the sub frame assembly it didn’t fit.

: o

What the heck happened?
Worse- what was I going to do now?
Thankfully, I’m using Old Brown Glue…

; )

I grabbed my electric kettle fitted with pipe and hose ( a set up I use for steam bending ) and in about 5 minutes time I was able to bang the joints apart without any damage to the wood. A bit of warm water cleaned up the joints and I’m ready to glue the frame back together the right way this time!!
So, thanks to OBG I didn’t have to rebuild half of the saw bench and I can continue on with the rest of my new book projects.
If you’d like to have the luxury of reversing your joinery ( when you completely mess something up like I did ) then I’d recommend you visit Patrick Edwards site and place an order.

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