Monday, June 20, 2011

monday morning

When your weekend begins in Utopia, ( seriously, have a look for yourself )
and ends in a Fathers day on Sunday, you’ll find that life is good indeed.
But man if an extra hour would fall my way this week I’d be grateful.
Sometimes Monday comes too quickly and I’m into the wood shavings again with the old salvaged elm 8″ x 8″.
Winding it Out.
What a difference you’ll find working with old growth wood.

So much heavier and denser- I think of it as the real McCoy in a harvested tree from a hundred and then some years ago!

Sounds like a tune eh?

; )
The elm has been downstairs all week in the wood shop and it seems to be getting along quite well with its new neighbor, namely the 2″ x 8″ quarter sawn white oak.
They’ll be working with one another for hopefully the next few hundred years.
In other wood shop news I’ve been drawing a hell of a lot lately and the pencils are shortening at a rapid rate.

So much to do in June I must run now…cheers!

Scribe Lines.

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