Monday, January 18, 2010

New Offerings from Bad Axe

12 and 14" Backsaws

Bad Axe Tool Works- what more can I say? Simply put I find them to be the finest hand saws on the market today. I own an 18" rip saw and a 16" cross cut that you know if you're a regular here I use on a daily basis. I think they're incredible tools with the highest craftsman ship available but can understand why some beginners may have shyed away from them. Lets face it- these are big saws! For anyone looking for a smaller scale back saw or for someone who couldn't imagine working with the larger scale saws presently being manufactured, Bad Axe is offering both a 12 and 14" saw due out in late March.Buyers can watch for optional fasteners, with standard filings for the 14” saw at 11-12 tpi rip and 12-13 tpi x-cut. The 12” saw’s standard filing will be 12-13 tpi rip and 13-14 tpi x-cut. If these specs don't suite your work then Mark will happily custom file per customers request. Other Bad Axe news can be found on the new Bad Axe FaceBook page.


  1. Hey Tom-

    I'll have to check these out. I'm doing those tenons on the shoji door and I'm having to create a weak work around. I can't remember, did you have Bad Axe's when you did your white oak door?


  2. Hey Chris-
    The door was built before I had my Bad Axe saws. I too am looking forward to the new size saws from Mark.
    I'm following along with your shoji project and looking forward to the progress.

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  4. I've got a 16" xcut on the way. I'm feeling a 12" in my future :-). Being new to this stuff, Mark (at Bad Axe) has been more than helpful with my indecisions