Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Safety Week 2009

My advice for workshop safety week...

Better yet, Unplugg the Woodshop!
-just kidding
Work safe and use your head.
Cheers! (but not until the sharp tools are put away...)


  1. At the recent Northeaster Woodworkers Association meeting, one guy asked the group "What's the most dangerous tool in your shop?"
    The anwer: "The next tool that you pick up".

    How true that is. In addition to the obvious high-speed cutting tools that demand attention, plenty of opportunities for pain and trouble await the woodworker with every conceivable movement in the shop. Once I was holding an exacto knife and suddenly had to scratch my nose and in drawing my hand toward my head without thinking nearly sank the blade in my eye. Just one of countless such moves.
    The Alexander Technique, which was developed to instruct people to use their bodies without undue strain, is a good one for woodworkers and all people using physical skills for hours. Tiredness and lack of attention probably account for most accidents, and learning to use our bodies with good posture, balance, how to apply appropriate and not excessive force,and knowing when to take a break are all fundamental spects of long-term safety.
    Breath, and wear your dustmask!