Saturday, May 23, 2009

Planes in the Mail

Philly Planes

Just got another update from Phil Edwards regarding my hollows and rounds...they're complete and should be in my grubby little hands by the end of next week. I love it when manufacturers give updates of their work while it's being done, it makes parting with my hard earned cash that much easier! Phil has been extremely professional and a pleasure doing business with; if his planes are half as good as his customer service then I'll be a happy woodworker.
I'll let you know when they arrive.


  1. Mr. Fidgen:

    Perhaps you can comment on the reasons for your selection of Phil Edwards, as compared to other plane makers, e.g., Clark & Williams, HNT Gordon, etc.


    Phil Lang
    24 May 2009

  2. Phil,

    Thanks for the comments.
    Basically I decided on Phil because of his reputation and his turn around time to fill an order. Clark & Williams has more than a years wait on any of their moulding planes..I don't have that kind of time to wait!
    I wasn't aware that HNT Gordon made moulding planes; I've seen there other work and the Rabbet or Shoulder planes they make are on my wish list.
    Hope that answers your question-thanks again.