Friday, April 17, 2009


Custom Made Tool Chests

If you're a frequent visitor here you've already seen some shots of my new tool chest design, if however you found me by searching the internet, welcome! I suspect you were either searching for a tool box building plan or a tool chest for sale. Either way you're in luck. Due to the high web traffic, e-mails and comments on my new toolbox design, I've decided to set aside some time and offer these tool chests for sale. They're made from solid, local hardwoods and feature hand cut joinery and a few unique design features as well. They have a dovetailed tool till inside and hold a surprising amount of hand tools!
If you're interested in purchasing one, Please don't hesitate to contact me at
prices start at $650.00 usd.
Custom features and different wood species are also available.

If you're in the category of someone that wants to build your own and were looking for a tool chest design or building plan, then this one will be available in my new book, Made by Hand-Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Wood shop.
It's just at the editing stages and will be released through Popular Woodworking Books this November. Pre-orders will be available here and anyone purchasing a tool chest will get a free, signed copy.
The tool chests will also be numbered, signed and dated as well.
With that, the following pics show some of the design features I mentioned. Perfect for 'on-site' work holding applications.

First off is the detachable shooting board on the lid, very handy indeed.

Next are a series of 3/4" holes that can be used with dowels or what I use is a Surface Clamp. Lee Valley carries this clamp and you'll never regret purchasing one.
With the three holes, a surface clamp and a small dowel, you can hold down a workpiece on the toolbox lid, use the front clamp holes for jointing edges, or cut some dovetails in the vertical position which is easy to do thanks to the small 'shelf' at the bottom. Line up the edge of the workpiece with the side of the shelf and you know your piece is plumb.
The back of the chest has a small shelf for laying those screws and nails in when on site as well as the option of more tool storage. I keep two back saws, two cam-clamps (used on site to hold the chest down to a flat surface while working)a small level and an engineers square. On the inside, between the tool till and large bottom section I can carry my 'must-have' workshop essential tools. You'll see specifically what that includes on my new DVD, A Beginners Guide to Workshop Essentials, which is included free with every book order! If I sound like I should be wearing a plaid suit and matching belt and shoes...I apologise. I'm just very pleased with this new tool chest design and am looking forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. wow, that is a really thoughtfully executed design. will keep my eye out for when your book is available for pre-order...suerte!