Friday, March 6, 2009

and then there were six...

Well here I sit, at the end or perhaps beginning of the Made by Hand journey. The book was sent out yesterday and I'm ready to take off a week or two to spend some time with my family. I'll be posting some new projects as they develop over the next few weeks so check back often.
In the meantime here are some shots of the six projects that will be in my book; Made by Hand - Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop.

goin' down the road- a cabinetmakers toolchest

ain't no feathers around here boys... a wall cabinet with half blind, through and sliding dovetails

skinny legs and all - a side table with tapered legs

where the good books go - a small bookcase with through mortise and tenon joinery

picture pefect - a post and panel cabinet

where the hunters heel - a modern take on a traditional sideboard


  1. VERY interesting projects! I am going to plan on getting this one.

    I may build something from it, but regardless, will almost certainly find inspiration and learn techniques for projects I am making and want to build.

  2. Luke, thanks for the comments...

    I hope readers do find some inspiration to put towards their own projects. The book is written from a strong design stand point where I encourage you to take my designs and either build them as is or better yet, making them more a style of your own.

  3. only hand tools used?

  4. Beautiful work. I can't wait to get the book!

  5. When can I get it!!

  6. Thanks for the comments and feedback, I really appreciate it!
    The book should be out in time for Christmas.