Monday, November 3, 2008

One Mans Treasure is Another Mans...

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

A few weeks ago I was walking along our street here in Toronto and noticed this old wooden door on the curb side of a neighbours house. They were throwing it out so I decided to take it home. I'm just finishing off a modern sideboard for a client here in the city and once completed I'll be starting an exterior door for a Heritage property in an old area of town. This will be a great point of reference when building my clients new door; at the very least I'll be able to dissect it and see how things were done in years gone by. Once I have it apart I'll re mill the lumber into some smaller pieces to use in some project down the road. Reduce, reuse and recycle...It just makes sense. (The Beagle in the foreground is Sally, our first born)


  1. Great looking door, Tom! I myself have a 2 1/2" thick solid mahogany side light with lead glass in a corner in my hearth room. So far I've been unsuccessful in trying to tastefully light it from behind, but some day I'll figure something out.

    Is your first-born also handy with the sidewalk chalk? Or is that a result of the second-born?

  2. Actually the chalk is from our second and third born!