Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Low-Angle and So Much More...

For Hand planes?
Who would have thought?

What you see here is the Veritas Low-Angle Block plane-yet so much more. To start off I replaced the standard blade with a heavy-duty 1/8" thick, 50 degree iron. To that I added a secondary bevel bringin' this little baby just under 55 degrees! Amazing!
That's somewhere in the 'York Pitch Ballpark" (Galoot, Galoot)

"But wait there's more...much more!"

From there I added these incredible 'after-market' style wooden front knob and rear tote. Incredible! These elements combined with it's adjustable front mouth and we have ourselves a plane to be reckoned with. It kind of morphed into a quazy-miniature smoothing plane somewhere in the #3 range, if we were talking Bench planes...I use this when all my other planes fail, difficult grain and tear out be damned!

"And that's not all!"

Flip this thing back into the low-angle block and you can remove the front shoe and add a chamfer guide.
"Stop it! You're killing me!"
Seriously folks, this is one crazy-little doggy of a hand plane, with so many accessories it's enough to drive you wild...So you say, how does it perform as the low-angle block plane it was designed as?
I can't say really, I haven't put down my low-angle Lie-Nielsen Bronze long enough too find out!


  1. Did you fashion these "after market" bits yourself, or were they adapted from something else?


  2. Ben,
    Thanks for the question and sorry this response took me so long...Been a bit like a rat in a maze this past few weeks. To answer your question, all of the 'extra items' are off the shelf accessories available through Lee Valley Tools.