Friday, May 9, 2008


"Well, I've never been a religious man, but it seems as though I've been building an Altar lately..."

The Tool Chest from a few weeks back has found a great home for itself on the floor in front of my full size Tool Cabinet. Funny how it fit so nice there? Coincidence?
Tool storage is something every wood worker should consider; it's a great way to practice a new set of skills or maybe trying out a new design idea. My scrap wood and off-cut pile is getting smaller...Next items are a traditional Saw Till that should nest perfectly on top of the Tool cabinet and after that, a Shaker style Plinth for the Tool Chest to stand in. It'll have two more drawers in the bottom for extra tool storage. Always thinking ahead you know...

1 comment:

  1. Every woodworker should build an alter to the tools that gives him as much pleasure as the work its self Me I am building two 2 tool chest for my grandsons who are 1 and 4. I hope to leave them a full kit before I leave this earth, along with some tools that I have made just for them. I still believe if I teach them to fish they will never go hungry