Monday, February 25, 2008

Kitchen Cabinet Update

Modern Storage Solutions enhance a Traditional Design

Well, slowly but surely the Cherry kitchen cabinets are coming along quite nicely. This past weekend I've been working on a few ways to add some extra storage space to a relatively small foot print. These additions are common in modern kitchen design but I've tried to keep with the traditional appeal of the Arts and Crafts style by using solid wood and classic joinery. The first was the pull out shelf trays, instead of having to bend down and reach into the back of the lower cabinets, these shelf trays pull out like drawers enabling easy access to interior items. All made with solid Cherry and joined with hand-cut dovetails, these are a real compliment to the over-all design. The second storage solution was the addition of two pull out pantry style doors. The left side has three interior shelves perfect for canned goods and bottles. The right hand side features a shelf for dish clothes, detergents etc.. and has two dowels for hanging dish cloths and dry towels on. The bottom also has storage for taller items like cleansers and soap. The pantries are the full depth making a lot of extra storage space. I'll be using some heavy duty drawer slides for these appliances. With the addition of these spaces the storage has been doubled along this wall.
This kitchen will also have an central island that will house a nice bank of drawers, a dishwasher as well as a small secondary sink. I got a start on the bank of drawers as well over the weekend. The bottom drawer is a full 12" in height, perfect for over sized items like pots and pans. The middle one is just under 10" and the top section I divided in half to make two smaller units. This four drawer unit will sit next to the dishwasher and provide plenty of dish storage right where it's needed.

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