Thursday, January 17, 2008

VERITAS Scrub plane

To start off with saying ‘Hand Planes are the most used tools in my workshop’ would be an understatement. I use them at the roughest stage of the milling process all the way through to the final smoothing stages of finishing.

To begin the process of milling rough lumber the first plane used is the Scrub Plane. Mine is made by VERITAS here in Canada. The Scrub plane is the tool of choice for major stock removal, the first step when flattening rough stock. A scrub plane is not usually used parallel to the grain, but at an angle of about 30°. The blade edge is ground with a 3'' radius, so it can take an aggressive cut. Speaking of the blade or Iron as we call it, the Scrub plane has a real thick iron that helps eliminate any chatter. When you first hold the VERITAS Scrub the first thing you'll notice is the narrow width of the sole. This actually helps alot when aggresive planning is desired on rough stock. The only negative thing I found about the VERITAS Scrub is the tote. ( which sadly seems to be the case with most of the VERITAS line.) Very under-shaped, and not at all comfortable. I removed mine soon after I purchased it and re-shaped it. This actually turned out quite nice and gave the tool a sort of custom feel. I mean no one else will ever have one exactly like it!

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