Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lumber Storage

My trusted Palomino Saw Bench
Buying your lumber in rough form, letting it sit around your shop and then with as much lead time as possible, rough milling it to over sized dimensions for a specific project.
The longer the better for this stage. Three to four weeks I find is acceptable, then finish off when you start your project by bringing your pieces to size.
You probably noticed the "two" benches...this is the short version of a long story. After going back and forth with, should I build a bench or buy a new one for a few months I finally realized that I didn't have the luxury of time to build a Work Bench. I decided my time was more valuable building boats for paying customers and Fine Furniture between that. After lots of searching trying to find the best Bench for the buck, I decided on this European style Cabinet makers Bench from a very reputable company in New York. I had it shipped via Fed-Ex Freight and when it finally arrived ( three weeks later ) it was badly damaged. I phoned the company and they immediately shipped me a new replacement Bench and said they would be in touch about picking up the damaged unit. Weeks passed and the new Bench arrived, ( no damage thankfully ) but no sign of getting the old one out of my someone small shop. Finally a phone call from the company again saying they were going to 'abandon the bench' Well it didn't take too long for me to re-build it and try to repair the damage. The result is a great second work surface which one vise that works great and the other less than ideal. But hey, where else can you get two for one Work Benches?

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