Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tool Storage

Besides a Work Bench, I think a real important item in any shop is tool storage. Now don't get me wrong I throw my Routers and Drills, Jig Saw and Circular Saw on a shelf, out of the way under the out feed table in front of my table saw. Nothing fancy, just somewhere to look when I need to build something outdoors somewhere. But my hand tools are another story. They deserve a little spoiling. These are the tools I'll be passing on to my children in fifty years with my finger prints worn into the totes and handles. These are the fine quality tools that are irreplaceable. They deserve a good home and a custom made tool cabinet is the answer. I store all of my hand planes, chisels, carving tools, lay out tools, drilling tools and a few small jigs i.e. pocket hole hardware. Since this picture was taken I've changed things up a little bit. I store my Panel Saw on a custom made cleat on the side of my Tool Cabinet with my three Back Saws on a rack above my Bench. They used to fit inside but have since been evicted due to some new special purpose hand planes I've purchased over the last six-months. The Tool Cabinet is located directly next to my Work Bench keeping things close when I need them.

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