Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mark Harrell

aka ~ Bad Axe Tool works

Here's another quick update from Mark at Technoprimitives. He recently sent me some new pics and an update on his back saws. I've been lucky to be able to correspond with him over this past year; to watch as he gears up to launch a new business is an exciting thing for sure. From the initial ideas of his logo and etchings to the spectacular medallions and environmentally friendly packaging I wonder what it takes to make this kind of leap of faith into a market that is really a niche to most. I've often thought about how Tom Lie Nielsen must have felt 25 years ago, when he first left the security of a day job to begin his own dream...a boat load of courage and a whole lotta love besides the sheer talent it takes to manufacture a top quality hand tool. Then to turn this ideas into a reality, a flourishing business-especially through this past year of economic uncertainties. If Marks saws are anything like the magic he puts back into the vintage hand saws he's been refurbishing these past few years then I really don't think he'll have any problems. Maybe I'll be blogging about him and all of his success with Bad Axe Tool Works in 25 years from now!
Stay tuned...


  1. Often, the real problem is dealing with success, i.e. inability to deliver the goods, such as we have seen with another niche saw maker.

  2. True enough Jeff,
    I think that is a real danger when walking down this road. What if I suddenly get 300 saw orders? How long will it take me to manufacture them? How long should the paying customer have to wait for my product?
    I know Mark has a pretty special military background so it seems to be like he's one guy that may just have all of the elements set in the equation before he gets to that point.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Tom,
    Thanks for the update. I'm very excited about the saws. Any idea about types of saws he will be offering and general price range? BTW, eagerly awaiting your book and DVD.

  4. Thanks for the comments Dylan,
    The saws from what I understand are offered in a 16" or 18" saw plate. Either x-cut or rip filed...I don't yet have any price information but as soon as I get some more specifics I'll pass it along. I'm sure Mark would be happy to give you all of the info you need on his technoprimitives site...the link is on the sidebar.