Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greener Is as Greener Does...

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

As a woodworker-day in and day out, working with a medium that is truly all things living, I have a hard time not thinking about our planet, our forests and our environment. Not to get all 'Al Gore' on you- but global warming, green house gases and my own carbon footprint...we've all heard the arguments and hopefully we're all doing our share to help. That said I just received a letter from Mark at Technoprimitives describing how he's doing his own part. Bad Axe Tool works is his new saw manufacturing company and I thought (or hoped) that some of you out there may be interested to hear about his choices for packaging his new hand saws. This is a blog link from a company called Salazar packaging out of Chicago, they specialize in 100% recycled products. He's also working with another company that manufacturers a void fill/blocking/cushioning product called green cell foam to safely and soundly pack his saws- which by the way should be shipping next week!
On this note, I try my best to use reclaimed lumber whenever I can but when buying from a mill it's up to you as a woodworker to ask if the wood products you're using are sustainably harvested. Every little bit counts right?
Here is the blog: Salazar Packaging


  1. Tom,
    Thank you so much for posting our story on the packaging we helped to develop for Bad Axe. What a terrific web site and industry you are all in. We appreciate the plug!

    Dennis Salazar
    Salazar Packaging, Inc.

  2. Happy to plug a great company producing such thoughtful products!