Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bad Axe Tool Works

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If you've visited this site before then you're already well aware of Mark Harrell, better known as-
I first heard of Mark last year and soon after sent him a nest of old saws needing to be sharpened and story like so many others was that of awe. The saws were returned in a professional manner, better than I could have imagined. Mark and I then corresponded through the winter and more importantly became friends. Mark is about as interesting a person you'll ever get to know, which you likely will when you do business with him-that's the type of person he is, someone who loves what he's doing and is doing it very, very well.
A published author, retired Army officer, recently redeployed from Afghanistan, as well as a hand tool enthusiast, with special emphasis on getting your old saws fully restored. Oh yeah, did I mention he's also available for Renewable Energy Systems and Green Home Consultation! Seriously.

Fast forward a few months and we'll be talking about Mark Harrell in another new light, Bad Axe Tool Works, the guy who manufactures incredible back saws down in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I've been biting my tongue on this information for the past few months and am happy to finally say that Bad Axe Tool Works is finally a reality.
Finely crafted back saws offered in a larger-scale saw plate than what is currently in most markets. Here are some specs for you to think about:

· Premium-grade Swedish spring steel, .025” thick, with 4” under the back for the
16” saw and 4.5” under the back for the 18” saw.

· Standard filing: 10 ppi rip for the 18” saw or 11 ppi x-cut; and 11 ppi rip for the 16” saw or 12 ppi x-cut; custom filing available at no additional charge per customer request (I requested a finer tooth count, so Mark has increased the tooth count by one for each of my custom saws)

· Cherry handles with a natural finish

· Brass fasteners with a 13/16” diameter sawnut of the deep-dish variety

· Blued steel back

Does this sound as good to you as it does to me? I'm looking forward to getting them in my hands in June and will fill you in on all of the details here...if you'd like to get more information or perhaps place an early order, (before the waiting lists start to pile up) contact Mark directly.


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