Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gettin' on...

Some Wood Shop Glamour Shots!

Not much to say really, all of my writing time is in the pages of the book but I wanted to share some shots from this past week. I'm halfway through projects 4 and 5 which says to me: One more to go...this is a good thing. I'm enjoying the process but can honestly say I'm looking forward to moving onto other non-book related projects. I have two or three custom pieces lined up for very patient clients who have been incredibly understanding of where I'm at with this and why I can't begin anything new until mid-March. As I'm approaching the end of this journey I'm constantly reminded of, and find myself stepping back and seeing again the true beauty of wood and wood working. Enjoy!

With my old Rip saw, still cutting like a dream since Mark at Techno gave it the over-haul; I'm re-sawing some purple heart for a couple of drawer fronts for a small wall cabinet...

Installing a pair of Brusso knife hinges on a Cherry post and panel style cabinet...this is the rather unassuming one that has the interior labyrinth of 128 joints!

Walnut cross-cut...again I can't help but to stop and think wow, this is incredibly nice wood...nice saw too! Another 'Techno' rehabilitation.

And finally the maple carcass to become a small tool box...the first project chapter of six. Stay tuned...


  1. Hi Tom,
    those pictures are very inspirational! Each time I read a new post from your site I can't wait to get in the shop and start generating shavings.

    Looking forward to reading your book!

    Take care,

  2. Thank you!
    Those kind of comments make going to work so much better
    cheers. :)

  3. i really like these pix, they really evoke the wood-manufacturer emotion via the effects you done.

  4. Carol,
    Indeed thank you for the comment; I always try to capture the emotion I'm feeling while working...this whole camera thing is still pretty new but I'm doing my best to convey. The warmth of the photo tells you I truly am loving what I do- Writing, designing and working with wood.
    If all of the planets are in line, then perhaps my book will give you that same emotion of wood manufacturing through not only my photographs, but through my illustrations, words and carefully laid out building procedures that will show you the reader, the steps I took to design, build and consider these six original designs.
    I can't wait to start sharing them all!

    Stay tuned...