Monday, January 21, 2008

Mahogany Wall Shelf

It's Monday morning and I just finished this small wall shelf over the weekend. It's body and interior drawer are African Mahogany, the drawer front is Flame Birch and the runners are made of Rosewood. I wanted to try to incorporate the sliding drawer rails into a piece so this was more or less an experiment. Kind of a Modern look with traditional joinery.

I'm happy how it turned out. The dovetails were a bit of a challenge due to the thickness of the Mahogany. The Birch for the drawer front is known as Flame Birch and has a real figured grain. Lots of shimmer. This adds to the difficulty of the piece due to the reversing grain pattern that create the Flame look. A cabinet scraper was the tool for the job. The finish is a hand rubbed wax.

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